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The current world order does not allow for the voices of the majority of the ordinary people of this planet to be heard. People everywhere are being disenfranchised by outdated or inadequate electoral systems, unfair campaiging practices, and/or outright corruption. In many countries, housing, education, transport, health, food & agriculture, monetary, etc. policies are increasingly designed to maximise the profits of a small number of largely multinational corporations, and/or to financially benefit "democratically" elected politicians. Multi-national trade agreements between governments of rich nations (e.g. TPP, TTIP, CETA, TiSA) are being negotiated behind closed doors with the involvement of corporate lobbyists, while those in power in dominant nation states seek to maximise the "greatness" of their own countries, at the expense of the rest of the planet.

The plundering of this planets' resources by globalised corporations is being allowed to happen, largely because there is no means, on a supranational level, to hold capitalist greed in check. Global intra-governmental institutions such as the World Bank and the United Nations can only work on the basis that each country's negotiators are truly representing the will of the people they claim to represent.

It is our view that the nation-state is an inadequate ruling concept for how we organise our species' activities, and therefore needs to be replaced, or augmented with something better. The form of any new or improved global institutions may take is something this community could assist in defining. We are starting from first principles of a mission statement and a few long-term aims, and will refine our specific goals as and when the community decides on the best ways forward.


To be a learning platform and action centre for building a new democratic world order. To contain resources for learning, campaigning and collaboration on a wide range of topics. All information to be available freely to all, and all may contribute.

This community site is being built by you, for you.


  1. To provide a space where people can come together to share ideas, methods and projects
  2. To build a community platform from the ground up, according to the combined will of its members
  3. To educate and to reach out to those excluded by language, technology or other barriers.
  4. To fight against the forces of conservatism, isolationism and fascism in elections under current systems
  5. To build a system for true representative global democracy


Current plans include: 

  • design work to make the site more appealing
  • content translation into several languages 
  • launch and publicity
  • events calendar
  • user profiles
  • instant messaging

All of the above will be modified according to the community's wishes, as a consensus develops.

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