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We are in the initial stages of building an online, self-governing community via which people can share information on, learn about, and influence their world and its institutions. We citizens of this planet intend:

  1. To provide a common space where people of all nations, races, creeds, tribes, etc., can come together to share ideas, methods and projects,
  2. To build an open-source movement for positive global change,
  3. To assist this process by building a participatory learning and action community platform from the ground up,
  4. For all aspects of this platform: its technology, content, functionality and presentation, to be created by our community and by the wider open-source community,
  5. To agree a set of principles that we can all live by, that protect the rights of minorities and of those who cannot speak for themselves (e.g. wildlife, plants),
  6. To influence those in positions of power,
  7. To move towards eradicating the concept of sovereign nation states as the supreme organising principle of our global institutions,
  8. To assist in enabling a global constitutional convention whose aims would include the establishment of a new, people-powered democracy,
  9. To assist in creating a living, written constitution which suits the purpose of our planet in this time of change,
  10. To win a majority in favour of implementing a global constitution for the people and other inhabitants of planet Earth.

We welcome everyone to join in, and to take an active part in the discussion about the future of democracy. The site is currently open to everyone who has an interest in buildng a better world. The platform is intended to be completely open and self-governing, and it is up to everyone to contribute to making it a success.

Please read more on the about page, then register and join us in building a better world for all.


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